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There are numerous, compelling reasons to wear prescription tennis glasses and the most important ones are related to safety and health. Our eyes are the primary way in which we engage the world, and a significant amount of tennis injuries involved balls or racquets to the eye. Prescription glasses help protect you first by allowing you to see the ball or racquet a moment sooner, and then by providing impact protection should you need it.

While it’s a glorious thing to spend hours on court under the sun, we must understand that Sun Damage from UV rays causes permanent damage to our eyes. Wearing glasses provides us with a measure of protection against this damage, and will ultimately allow us to play deeper into our lives. The sport glasses we offer not only protect the eyes by blocking UVA and UVB but they also cover the delicate, vulnerable skin around our eyes. Additionally, Eye Fatigue is caused by excessive strain on the eyes and prolonged exposure to bright light, both of which are drastically reduced behind a pair of sunglasses. These days, the screens we constantly look at provide us with enough causes of Eye Fatigue, we don’t have to let tennis contribute as well.

Beyond safety and health reasons, prescription tennis glasses increase performance. The better you can track the ball off the opponent’s racquet the faster you can react to hit it back. The clearer you see the court, the fewer distractions in your field of vision, the more relaxed your eyes are, the fewer dust and ball-felt particles dropping into your eyes; all of these will help you play better and will enable you to concentrate on parts of the game itself, rather than the distractions around the court.

We should warn you that greater visual acuity will give you greater confidence in your line calls and may lead to arguments.

They do! Most notably Janko Tipsarevic, Sam Stosur, and Yaroslava Shvedova. While these athletes prove that prescription eyewear can function at the very highest levels of performance, the majority of professional players do not play in any eyewear. The reasons vary; perhaps the typical, twenty-something year old player has excellent eyesight (which might even explain some of their success) and isn’t concerned with future eye damage, maybe they move with such extreme, jarring force that they worry the glasses might slip off their face, and it’s always possible that they would love a pair of prescription tennis glasses but haven’t heard about us.

The best way to order is by giving us a call at (303) 455-3369. We’re located in Denver, CO and open during the week from 11am to 7pm Mountain Standard Time (EST minus 2) and on Saturdays from 12pm-5pm. We have an excellent, knowledgeable staff here who will answer your call and help you through your order. If you prefer to get in touch with us through email, you can write us at prescriptiontennisglasses.

Judging by this this video of Janko Tipsarevic, it doesn’t seem likely. All of the frames we recommend are notable for their exceptional fit, and because they have either rubber or a grip coating designed specifically to stay put through the most rigorous of points.

In our experience, the majority of tennis players only require single, distance-vision lenses. This is the focal strength that allows a player to locate the ball on the far side of the court, track its trajectory as it’s hit, and react accordingly as it approaches. By the time the ball reaches the point where a bifocal or progressive would be useful, all of the decision-making and requisite movement has been taken care of.

Nevertheless, some players still prefer to have the bifocal or progressive set in the lens. Also, while these glasses are made with tennis in mind, they will certainly do the trick on the golf course, on a bike, in the car, or anywhere else a prescription sunglass is appropriate, and in many of these situations it’s useful to have a bifocal. For all of our lenses we custom-set the focal changes to the precise specifications of the individual, and considering these are for sport use, we recommend setting it a bit lower than normal, casual glasses.

If you are ordering a bifocal or progressive we will ship you your frames along with a marking kit and detailed instructions so that you can tell us precisely where you’d like us to set your bifocal/progressive. Once you send them back to us, we’ll get to work on your lenses and then send them back to you once they’re completed.

Being fully custom and handmade, our lenses take approximately three weeks to complete. Mirror finishes or special coatings can add an extra week to the process.

The Transition Extra Active lens is the most versatile of all our options and can perform well in all light conditions.

Sports Optical is an independent optical boutique in Denver specializing in custom, handmade prescription sports lenses. In the early 1990’s we pioneered the technology to put prescriptions into curved-format sport lenses, and since then we’ve been hard at work perfecting our craft. Today, our lenscrafting pedigree is second to none and we ship our lenses all over the world for athletes of every kind. We didn’t get here on technology alone, however, and we’re proud to offer sincere and personable customer service with each phone call and in every email.

Hi, my name is Kyle, and prescriptiontennisglasses.com is my personal project. I’m an optician at Sports Optical, but I’m also a tennis player with a serious passion for the sport. I’ve worked extensively on the ATP World Tour and have a lot of experience being around tennis at its highest levels, but also its most mediocre levels, such as when I play at the local park. Some things I’d like to mention:

  1. Certainly, most pro players do not wear glasses, but the coaches and trainers who spend hours on court working with the players absolutely do.
  2. Some of the tournaments where I’ve spent the most time have been the Hall of Fame Championships in Newport, RI, the Citi Open in D.C. and the Tennis Channel Open in Las Vegas; for each of these locations I would recommend a different frame/lens package. I’m here to do the same for you.
  3. When considering prescription tennis glasses, performance should only be part of your consideration. Safety and the health of your eyes, as well as the skin around your eyes, also need to be on your mind.
  4. If you have a question for me, you can: write me a note from ourContact Page, call me at (303) 455-3369 or visit me on Stadium Court at this year’s Citi Open; follow me on twitter @sportsoptical.

From a business standpoint, it might be better for us if we let you order online, but from a quality standpoint we’d rather take the extra time and effort to receive your order by phone or through email. This is a serious investment for you as well as us, and being a custom product which requires a significant amount of precision, we try to make sure we do it right the first time. By having all orders come through the phone or email, we’re better able to address your needs, confirm all the prescription information you provide us, and offer a higher quality service.

Absolutely. We ship to all fifty states and across the world. Domestically, we use UPS Ground and for International shipping we use USPS Global Priority.

Of course. In fact, we'll let you try on three. Simply tell us which frames you'd like to try, we'll take a deposit to make sure we get them back, and then we'll send them off.

There are a lot of factors that go into determining our prescription lens costs, so for a fully accurate price it's best to call or write us. Our base lens, which is custom made of lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate, and features UV Block, a Scratch-Resistant coating and a one-year warranty, is $195, clear or tinted.

We believe that our eyes are a matter of immense personal importance and we feel finding the right eyewear should reflect that belief. With this in mind, we're pleased to extend a discount of 20% to all returning customers and their immediate family members as a way of thanking you for developing a relationship with us. We're also glad to extend the same discount to Active Military Service members, as well as ATP/WTA pros currently ranked in the Top 500.

Yes, though it will depend on the frame and the strength of your prescription. Not all frames are compatible with all prescriptions, but if it can be done, we're the ones who will do it. The best way to find out is to get together your Rx, along with the make and model of your frame, and give us a call.