We firmly believe that lens choice is a largely a matter of personal preference, however there are lenses that are best suited for certain conditions and light environments.

Outdoor Daytime

Polarized Brown

Our Polarized Brown lens provides the greatest combination of light blockage and visual enhancement. It offers 80% light blockage and the glare-reducing benefits of a polarized lens, and yet the brown tone lends a distinct, high-contrast effect that presents the court – the lines, the net, the opposing players, the back fence - in stunning crispness from early morning to early evening. This is the lens that will let you track the ball straight from your opponent’s racquet and add authority to your line calls.

Outdoor Overcast / Night

Transition Extra Active

In lower light conditions such as early morning, late evening, nighttime and extremely overcast days, a full, sunglass-grade tint is too dark. For these conditions, we recommend our Transition Extra Active lens. Beginning with a nearly imperceptible base of grey and reacting with UV light to achieve varying levels of tint, the Extra Active is as fully functional in the dead of night as it is in bright afternoon sun, making it the most versatile lens on the market. On the court, its photochromic properties will take care of adjusting to the light conditions so you can focus on your game.

Indoor / Night

Clear with AR

For situations when you’re certain the sun will not be making an appearance, we recommend our Clear lens treated with an Anti-Reflective Coating. A Clear lens is precisely how it sounds, however, by adding the AR Coating we are able to reduce the presence of distracting halo spots, reflections and other distortion caused by the artificial lights around the court.